Trigonal Translator

Trigonal Translator is the translation and localization agency working on English to Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) language pair and based in Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia

Trigonal Translator was established in December 2011 and is trusted place where you can find English to Indonesian professional translator

Trigonal Translator is a part of Trigonal company, a small business which can offer you with many professional services, such as:
1. IT consultation,
2. research consultation,
3. book store,
4. Indonesian traditional and unique accessories store, and
5. etc.


Fuji Mulia
Founder and translator
Fuji Mulia is a freelance translator, teacher, IT consultant, research consultant, technician, and learner. He hold a bachelor degree in English Education at Galuh University. He started as a freelance translator since 2006 to date. He loves language, blogging, technology, poem, music, art, and teaching. 

Other translator
Using the network established through years of collaboration, we are able to access a roster of capable academicians and professionals where required and necessary.